Our Story

"In 2016, I made partner at my law firm.  While very exciting, it also required a ridiculous amount of constant grind.  After a couple years, I started experiencing major symptoms of burnout.  I was always tired, I couldn't focus, and my stress and anxiety were through the roof.  I wanted to create something for myself and other professionals that would alleviate some of these symptoms while creating a more sustainable work environment.  And so, Burn.in Candle Co. was created. 

Our candles infuse your space with essential oil blends shown to lessen the symptoms commonly associated with career burnout like stress, fatigue, inattentiveness, carelessness, irritability, lack of concentration, and memory loss.  You deserve a candle created with the same amount of care and intention that you put into your career.  I hope you love Burn.in as much as I do."

-Donna-Marie, Founder


Burn.in Candle Co. features candles and wax melts that are hand-crafted with premium ingredients.  Our candles and wax melts are made with all natural coconut wax.  They're vegan, non-toxic, and provide you with a cleaner burn.  Our wooden wicks are 100% natural, clean burning, domestically sourced, and - the best part - they create a soft soothing crackle as they burn. Burn.in Candles are handmade in microbatches of 20 or less, ensuring that each one is meticulously crafted to meet our quality standards.

Be kind to your mind.
Don't burnout.  Get Burn.in.